ColorBox Food Concept

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About. We truly believe that something as simple as food served in a box can be a great experience. To us, it’s all about striking the right balance between simple service and great food with a constantly evolving attitude towards ingredients, themes, tastes, and colors....
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Interview med Ulrik Haumann, Direktør i Den Sociale Kapitalfond

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I sommeren 2016 arbejde jeg med projektet ColorBox for virksomheden Choice.
Som en del af koncept udviklingen blev projektet bl.a. optager i Den Sociale Kapitalfonds vækst program. I den forbindele tog jeg en snak med Ulrik Haumann direktør i Den Sociale Kapitalfond.

Link til Den Sociale Kapitalfond:
Link til Choice:

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SOS Sportswear

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"Today skiing, fashion, art and music characterizes the SOS brand" About. SOS Sportswear underwent establishment in 1982 in Åre, Sweden. In 2011, its Danish distributor of 30 years acquired the brand globally, and moved the headquarters from Stockholm to Klampenborg, Denmark. SOS Sportswear was originally...
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Visit from Sapporo, Japan

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How can Sapporo renounce nuclear power and push for sustainable energy? A delegation of nine energy experts from Japan’s fourth largest city, Sapporo, visited Copenhagen for four days in beginning of November to study how Denmark’s capital city has made one of the world’s most ambitious energy plans.

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