(Photo: Mikkel Bache)
These are some of my thoughts behind the creation of the company Takaisan.

I keep coming back to Japan; the cultural clashes between futuristic cities and ancient temples of this magnificent country fascinate and inspire me.

Even though I was born and raised in Denmark, there is no doubt that Japan had a big influence on me. Looking back, I appreciate how my Japanese father taught me to navigate the cross-cultural differences. His insight and knowledge on both Japanese and Danish history, as well as his way of thinking, have truly inspired me. I have come to believe that I was very blessed to grow up with both Danish and Japanese culture in my blood.

Many Danish companies see the world’s third largest economy as intimidating because of the significant cultural differences. Nevertheless, it’s critical to realize that Japan is craving for Danish lifestyle, design and knowledge. The cultural differences between Denmark and Japan do exist, but my personal experience living and traveling in both countries has taught me that we have many things in common as well. These similarities make Japan the obvious market choice for anyone looking to expand business into Asia.

Potential for tremendous success exists if we take advantage of the wonderful opportunities created by the cultural differences between Denmark and Japan.

Molding my fascination and cultural background into a commercial framework to help others explore the amazing business opportunities and dynamics between Denmark and Japan is a true adventure for me.

Yours sincerely,
Ole Takai