How can Sapporo renounce nuclear power and push for sustainable energy?

A delegation of nine energy experts from Japan’s fourth largest city, Sapporo, visited Copenhagen for four days in beginning of November to study how Denmark’s capital city has made one of the world’s most ambitious energy plans.

The highly motivated delegation was represented by three professors from Hokkaido University, three officials from the municipality of Sapporo, and three experts in city planning from Nihon Sekkei Inc.


The Sapporo delegation’s visit to Copenhagen will play an important role in laying the groundwork to increase green energy in Sapporo, a conscious political decision made in 2013. A public hearing on “Sapporo Energy Vision” was conducted in the summer of 2014. The meeting resulted in energy plans being drawn up to transform Sapporo into a city independent of nuclear power by 2030.


Sapporo is located on the northern island Hokkaido and with 1.9 million inhabitants, Sapporo is comparable to Copenhagen in size. Unlike Tokyo, Sapporo is very structured when it comes to city layout – just like New York City.

The four intensive days the delegation spent visiting DONG Energy, Rambøll, HOFOR, CTR, BIG, Greenovation, State of Green and Quercus Group combined with multiple discussions brought new perspectives to Sapporo’s future energy plans.

Takaisan’s assignment was to facilitate network and visits in Copenhagen that could lead to discussion with experts and companies involved in the Copenhagen energy plan. Contact with experts within the energy sector was made with great success.

The visit from the Sapporo delegation made both Danes and Japanese alike consider how they can improve and assist in helping to make good decisions and smart solutions for both cities.

The collaboration with Sapporo will continue to strengthen with the hope that one day Sapporo will take a leading role in the future vision of Japan’s energy strategy and become a role model pushing for sustainable energy.