Logo update, Art Direction & Design

Who we are

Thank god Summer is Over was created for everyone who’s grateful when the days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping and powder is falling from the sky. To us wintertime equals playtime and we thank god that summer is over (TGSIO).

It’s always more fun to ride with friends. This is why TGSIO embraces collaboration with likeminded snow-heads and invite everyone to share in our search for amazing experiences and quality products.

Our products reflect our passion, lifestyle and attitude. To us, they are a tribute to the distinct feeling that summons snow lovers to the mountains year after year. We are dedicated to winter.

AW 2016-17 Collection

MS Original Logo | 1001-100-011
MS Logo V2|1001-101-044
MS Don’t Destroy|1001-102-070
MS Mountains|1001-104-070
MS Original Logo|1001-100-070
MS Logo V2|1001-101-070
MS Snowfleak|1001-103-011
MS Zebra|1001-106-011
MS Original Logo|1001-100-044
MS Don’t Destroy|1001-102-011
MS Snowflake|1001-103-070
MS Zebra|1001-106-070
MS Logo V2|1001-101-990
MS Don’t Destroy|1002-103-044
MS Mountains|1001-104-011
MS Lines|1001-105-990


MS Sweat Don’t Destroy|2002-110-990
MS Sweat Don’t Destroy|2002-102-077
MS Sweat Original|2002-100-077
MS Sweat Logo V2|2002-101-044

Limited Collection

MS JAPOW|1003-107-017
MS JP BOX|1003-108-017
MS PEAKS|1003-109-990
MS Black on Black|1003-111-990